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First, Who is Jason Fladlien?

Jason Fladlien - Founder of FB EchoJason Fladlien is a well-known exceptional article marketing guru, copywriter, and information product creator.  He currently resides in Coralville, Iowa.  His illustrious Internet marketing career began in 2005.  His Internet marketing endeavors began to flourish by the end of 2008.  During this time period, he learned many valuable pointers that helped him become one of the most respected Internet marketing teachers around today.

Mr. Fladlien created the courses listed below:

-Instant Content Creation

-Membership Site Tactics

-Niche Invasion System

-Webinar Crusher

-Webinar Letter

-Internet Millionaire Recipe

-Ultimate Internet Marketing Package

Here is a close look at his background and online marketing experiences:


There are many obstacles one must face in order to become a successful online marketer.  This is the primary reason why many experienced online marketers encourage novice marketers to gain solid instruction from a reputable teacher.  For example, one can experience a great deal of difficulty when it comes to choosing a product to promote.  Solid tutorial from an experienced marketer can help novice marketers select reputable products that will secure sales.

Inexperience was also a big problem for Mr. Fladlien during the early stages of his marketing career.  This is one characteristic that makes novice marketers have a strong belief in his philosophy and techniques.  Mr. Fladlien’s intriguing background helped him become a huge success in the Internet marketing industry.

He was a fledgling musician who embarked upon his online marketing career back in 2005.  He was interested in learning how to promote his music on the Internet.  He purchased several Internet marketing courses that provided mediocre results.  He abandoned his music career and began concentrating his efforts on his Internet marketing endeavors.

Mr. Fladlien’s Internet marketing journey has been filled with many disappointments and setbacks.  The first setback occurred when he started using paid advertising for his marketing campaigns.  He felt that paid advertising would take his online business to the next level.  He used Google Adwords for one of his campaigns.

He invested in a course that centered on creating and marketing information products with the aid of pay per click traffic.  He spent close to $160 on Google AdWords advertising without securing a single sale.  He was not discouraged by the poor results.  He continued to move forward in order to learn from his mistakes.

He proceeded to invest more effort into his business, but he eventually ran out of capital.  This forced him to become a daytime painter.  At night, he experimented with free marketing techniques.  He was determined to find a way to grow his Internet marketing business without pay per click marketing.

A sudden change of events took place on a rainy day.  Mr. Fladlien decided to build a simple website while sitting in the den of his home.  The website revolved around marketing his superb writing skills.  This site helped him generate a significant amount of clientele within a twenty four hour period.

Mr. Fladlien felt that he would be able to support himself with his ghostwriting business endeavors.  Unfortunately, he became frustrated with the tedious process of writing articles within the first six months of being one of the most reliable ghostwriters in the business.  He shifted his attention to creating information products.

His first product centered on teaching others how to become a successful ghostwriter.    He was able to create his first product in less than five hours.  The initial launching of his first produce generated close to $3,000 in one month.  This success inspired him to become a full time information product creator.

Let’s preview three of Mr. Fladlien’s most popular products:

Ghost Writing System

The Ghost Writing System is Mr. Fladlien’s first project.  The Ghost Writing System teaches one how to market his or her writing skills in an effective manner.  Mr. Fladlien lays out an easy game plan that can help aspiring ghostwriters secure clients within a matter of hours or days.  The course also provides sound writing fundamentals that can help aspiring writers improve their skills.

Poor Man’s Product Launch

The Poor Man’s Product Launch has helped many people create and market their products without a large investment.  It is ideal for marketers who are on a tight financial budget.  One stands a good chance of seeing remarkable results within forty eight hours after implementing Mr. Fladlien’s product launching techniques.

Copywriting Success Shortcut System

This is a phenomenal course that is designed to help anyone learn how to become an exceptional copywriter within a short period of time.  The course contains principles and techniques that are used by world class copywriters around the globe.

Jason Fladlien is one of the most successful online entrepreneurs around today.  His experiences have helped him create many dynamic courses that are helping people from all walks of life.

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